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Feel free to contact us for a demonstration of Mobigo! We offer demos online or on-site at your location, and we're available to provide an analysis based on your particular needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can do everything you need to in Mobigo while you're not connected. As soon as you're back online, all information is synchronized.

Ordinarily, you would simply continue working with your existing mobile phones, tablets and other devices. The mobile client can be run on both iOS and Android. The desktop client is usually run on a PC with Windows, but can also be supplied for use on Mac or other operating systems.

We would expect so, yes. We have standard connectivity to most common business systems, such as Visma Administration, Fortnox, Mamut. We provide customized solutions for most business systems on the market, including Pyramid, Microsoft Dynamics, Nav/Axapta, Agresso, Visma Business, Softone.

Provide your contact information and we'll be in touch to give you a demonstration. During the demonstration, you'll have an opportunity to test it yourself.

You can get started quickly with work order management/time reporting. If you're planning to install Mobigo in your own server environment, you'll receive installation instructions within 24 hours of placing your order. If you wish to use Mobigo as a cloud service, we will first need a signed service agreement, you will then receive your log-in details within 24 hours.

Prices can vary widely based on your industry and your needs. We also have several different business models to choose from, so that you can find the right setup for your particular size and prerequisites. Please contact us to learn which solution is right for you.

The termination period is 6 months.

Yes. You can opt to install Mobigo locally on your own server, or purchase Mobigo as a cloud service.

We're always looking for qualified people ;). If that sounds like you, please send an application to For information about current vacancies, please visit our website:

We expect a lot from our resellers and partners – but in return, we guarantee a rewarding collaboration. As a partner, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the Mobigo technology, to help you develop extensions/modules, and to deliver Mobigo to your customers. Does that sound interesting? Fill in your contact information, and we'll be in touch to continue the discussion.

If you already use Mobigo and need help with
your system, please visit our support page.

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Mobile field service management

Mobigo helps installers and administrators handle all types of jobs. Things get done faster and in the correct way. With much less stress.

Fast. Easy. Complete

We've created a tool for professionals. 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of users every day have helped us develop the right features, the right way.

Discover the possibilities with Mobigo

Work order management, time reporting, checklists, calendar, object registers, contract management, business system connections... welcome to a whole new world of possibilities.

Complete control

With Mobigo, EVERYONE stays on top of what they need. Statistics, reports, and searches help you maintain control and stay one step ahead.

Why choose Mobigo?

Mobigo is a complete system for field service management. Access a simple overview of ongoing and completed work, material use, travel times, work hours, and invoicing data.

Coin Blue

Save time and money

Minimize paperwork, duplicated work, long lead times, potential error sources.

Mobile Blue

Mobile clients

Mobigo supports most current mobile devices.

Connect Blue

Connect your business system

Connectivity with major invoicing and payroll systems.

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Adjustments and modules

Configure Mobigo entirely according to your needs and specifications.

Discover the possibilities with Mobigo

A tool for professionals

Mobigo is a professional tool, developed in close collaboration with real users.

More than 20 years of experience and thousands of daily users have produced a tool that really works.


Mobigo was created with the user's experience in mind. The interface is fast, intuitive, and responsive. The clear, uncluttered appearance facilitates your work.


Mobigo was created based on the knowledge that everything changes. That which is the case today, may not be the case tomorrow.

Built on a modern platform using cutting-edge technology and solid architecture, Mobigo is ready for tomorrow.

Slide 1 Opti

Work order management, time reporting, checklists, calendar, item lists, contract management, business systems associations, customer portal etc. Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!

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Dashboard, reports, target and key figures, statistics, alarm signals, messages etc. Mobigo gives you full control of your operations.

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The calendar helps you schedule and book resources. Choose from several different calendar views and configure them as needed.

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The map view is an integrated component of Mobigo. Using this view, you can see where your assignments, customers, service objects, and resources/users are located. The map is contextually connected to the other views, and you can interact with it, for instance using drag and drop.

Tablet Phone Opti

The mobile client is a central part of Mobigo. Mobigo runs on both cell phones and tablets with Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad).

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The details cards are entirely dynamic, with the ability to change the size of the windows, which fields are displayed, and in what order. You can open multiple details cards simultaneously, and switch between them.

Slide 7

Mobigo supports drag and drop functionality, so you can move or copy information between different windows. You can also drag and drop external documents and files into Mobigo, such as email, drawings, documents you wish to attach to assignments, service objects etc.

Three Screens 2 Opti

By using several displays, you get unbeatable control and a great overview. The main menus in Mobigo can be opened individually and placed on any display.

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The right pane provides the opportunity to create customized informational views and workflows. The pane is connected to the main view, and can display supplementary information for the main view. For instance, you can display a map view, preview, or a summary/overview of the items you selected in the main view.

Slide 10

“Widgets” are small visual, interactive components that can be placed on, among other things, details cards, overviews, or right-hand panes. In addition to a number of standard widgets, there are also widgets that are included in extension modules/industry modules, and third party developer products.

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The filtering functionality of Mobigo is in a league of its own. Quick search, queries, and a filter panel where you can easily add and configure your own filter combinations, mean that you can quickly find what you're looking for.

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The flexibility and opportunities to shape the system according to your needs are unrivalled. Free fields/extra fields, permissions, personal settings, work groups, shortcuts, “commands,” mandatory fields, automatic module calls, certifications etc. – Mobigo is a complete system right from the start.

The right features for you. And your colleagues.

Ikon Brandskydd
Fire protection, Alarm & Security

Mobigo supports your operations by keeping track of facilities with inspections, periodic contractual commitments, and patrols.

Read more
Elteledata Ny
Electronic, Phone & Data

As an electrical company, you can handle all work order management of materials, time, and self-monitoring in Mobigo. EDI connections to your suppliers monitor the materials use.

Read more
Fastighetsskotsel Ny

Manage your properties efficiently through supervision, maintenance, up keep, and error reporting. Provide your tenants with information and insight into the measures being performed on their behalf.

Read more
Ikon Hantverkare

Mobigo helps you manage work orders with time and materials, contract work etc. Planning, design, and follow-up are managed in a cost effective way in Mobigo.

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Ikon Serviceinstallation
Service & Installation

Register and document your installations in Mobigo and re-use the information for the after-market work with service commitments and agreements.

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Ikon Kyla

Meet the challenges posed by the F-Gas Regulation and other regulatory requirements. Monitor your facilities, units, coolant management, periodic and follow-up leak testing, annual reporting etc.

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Ventilation Ny

Mobigo provides the support you need with holding registers, service protocols, Obligatory Ventilation Control (OVK) inspection protocols, and service agreements for performing both installations and inspections and recurring inspections.

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Ikon Vvs

Mobigo sets up the workflow with support for Säkert Vatten's work orders, checklists, and certificates. EDI connections to your suppliers monitor the materials use.

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Mobigo is used by thousands of users every day!



10 000+

active users


years of experience
Mobigo makes everyday life easier for us with the administrative work, so we can focus on what we are good at!

Sophie Ahlquist

IT Manager, Assemblin
Mobigo helps us to have full control of all our assignments and that we can be very flexible and adaptable to our customers' wishes regarding reporting and possible integrations/adaptations to other systems!
Jp H2m

Jerry Park

Technical Manager, H2M
With Mobigo, we keep track of every job. It's easy to monitor the projects by time spent and materials, and to follow up with actual cost calculation.
Golv Team

Göran Granquist

CEO, Golvteam i Huskvarna AB

This is how it works

A system for growth

We love the experience of discovering new possibilities. Mobigo has all the essential functions for work order management, time reporting, project management, contract management, documents, holding registers, photos, journey logs etc.

But that is the just the beginning. Add extension modules, industry packages, business system connections, and configure Mobigo entirely according to your individual needs. And if you have specific requirements, customer adaptations can be implemented using our API.


Sounds like a good idea so far, don't you think?

But that is just the beginning - get in touch with us and we'll give you a complete presentation of what Mobigo can do for you.

Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!

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